Today’s Land Surveying Equipments Used.

survey4.PNGIn the past when the man had now the ability and decisions to own his own land there were some tools used to measure the land and then create boundaries for his land. However, this has improved a little bit nowadays since we are leaving in a computer-generated generation. That is why the equipment that used to be used is going through a lot of changes as we are leaving in the great technological world. Theodolite is one of those surveying equipment used today and it is the one used for vertical and horizontal measuring of the land yet it was used in the nineteenth century. This equipment has gone through some modifications which include making the theodolite electronic. They are no longer the same models they used to be those days because they even have computer components and software an adverse which enable them to run effectively. Click here to see more.

Another survey tool is the global positioning system (GPS) which actually has brought the field of surveying in a computer age. The system works with the use of satellites whereby the image is sent to the satellite by the GPS and then brought back to the land. Unfortunately, it is not 100% accurate since data can be lost during the transfer process. It has actually been known that areas with a lot of tresses the results are more affected. However, some companies are actually finding a way that can improve the accuracy of this tools by using helicopters to see the areas affected and rectifying them. Read more at

While the field of land surveying is undergoing different and advance changes today just like any other field of art, as we know that land surveying is an art, it is a duty of a surveyor to using both historical and technological tools or either of them, to present clear and good services to their clients. They should be aiming at investigating and establishing correct land boundaries so that there will no be future disputes over the land they actually surveyed. Most important of a client whenever she or he chooses the surveyor to hire, he or she should look the tools the surveyor is using, is it computer aged or manual or the ancient one? A good and best surveyor will use both of this tools and so do he or she will ensure accuracy in his or her work. However, it is clear that the equipment used in surveying are not different the difference comes in in the technology used to make them. More info at